Do We Really Need More Data? When it Comes to Women, Yes.

There is more information in one Sunday edition of the New York Times than contained in all the printed material in the 15th century. The average person hears or reads over 90,000 words a day. For reference, the word count of To Kill a Mockingbird is 99,121. We are swimming in data. Near-drowning in the information rich environments of our daily lives. So how can it be, when it comes to data on women — how

Alireza Ameri

The Beautiful Look On People’s Face When You Haven’t Read Their Email.

It’s a priceless moment. It’s 10 am and I haven’t read their email yet. How dare I not let my after-hours universe revolve around their need to CC me on every email known to humankind. They ask me if I’ve seen the email about the meeting we’re having later. I say ‘no.’ In that moment, they have this beautiful look on their face that I wish I could bottle and put in

For Startups: What form of payment should I choose?

Stripe vs PayPal —  Battle of online payment processors

Starting an e-commerce business is a moment of pure chaos and excitement. You have to consider so many things: use a hosted platform or manage your store with a plugin? What are the strategies you need to increase your sales? But neither a question is more difficult than this: How to accept payments? After doing your homework, there will be two clear solutions for your budget: Stripe and PayPal. By

Is the stock market an economy whisperer?

It’s usually when the stock market is in the headlines that you see a lot of chatter about the economy. And since those headlines typically occur when the market falls by a large amount, the accompanying commentary tends to focus on a potential recession. This year, one could be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. The economy is growing at its fastest pace in years (3.5% as

How to Outshine Everyone on LinkedIn

Want to stand out on the world’s most annoying social network? Here are 7 tips to outshine everyone on LinkedIn. 1. Write your summary in the third person Only commoners write their own LinkedIn summaries. Show the world how important you are by writing your summary in the third person so people think you’re a VIP. Your profile viewers will be convinced that someone spent time writing your biography and