How to Use Finance Words to Sound Smart

How to Use Finance Words to Sound Smart

Rich people with their money, am I right?

Maybe you don’t have much money. Maybe you spend most of your day taking naps and scavenging items from a salad bar. 

It doesn’t matter. You can still make people think you’re rich, and therefore smart, by using finance words.

Here are 10 finance words you can use to sound smart.

Seed Round

Use “seed round” to describe your first attempt at something.

Did you already grab snacks?

Oh, that was just my seed round


Use “diversify” when talking about expanding your options.

Don’t you usually take a nap on the 3rd floor?

Yes but my manager noticed so I had to diversify my nap pods


Use “portfolio” when talking about your collection of something.

You should date that cute guy in accounting

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll add him to my portfolio


Use “bearish” when you’re not optimistic about something.

Do you think there will be any coffee left?

No I’m pretty bearish about the coffee


Use “bullish” when you’re feeling optimistic about something.

Are you going to the team building thing

No I’m pretty bullish on calling in sick that day


Use “R.O.I.” (return on investment) to describe what you’re getting for what you’re giving.

This salad bar is all-you-can-eat

Yeah I’m loving this R.O.I


Use “hedge” when you’re protecting yourself against a potentially bad choice.

You’re seeing the guy in marketing and the guy in accounting?

Well, I gotta hedge my dates


Use “liquidity” when you don’t have a lot of cash.

Can you spot me $10 for this?

I have zero liquidity right now, sorry!

Blue Chip

Use “blue chip” to describe something that’s always good.

How was the nap pod on the 3rd floor?

So dark, so quiet! It’s a blue chip nap pod


Use “divest” when talking about something you no longer do.

So you broke up with him?

Yeah, I had to divest from dating at work

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