Why Have a Personal Blog?

Why Have a Personal Blog?

Starting a personal blog is harder than what it seems. Blogging takes hard work to craft posts and discipline to keep publishing on a regular basis. Here are five reasons to jump start your personal blog.

  1. Support a cause to get a wider and broader reach. Is your goal to help expand public knowledge about a subject? This type of blog tends to be used by three major categories of bloggers: not-for-profit organizations which need cost effective ways to educate the public, political organizations which want to reach same minded citizens, and environmental groups which want to train the public to be more green.
  2. Develop a “How-to” blog. Communicate your knowledge to educate the public. Based on your training and experience, do you want to teach others about a targeted subject? You don’t need to be a traditional school marm or university prof to provide others with the benefits of your knowledge. Your subject matter can run the gamut from finance to fly-fishing.
  3. Share your interests with like-minded individuals. This type of blog covers a wide range of topics, often hobby related. Is your objective as a blogger is to connect with others who have similar pastimes?  Among the major types of blogs that fall into this category are foodie blogs, fashion blogs, sports blogs, craft and hobby blogs.
  4. Communicate your spirituality. Depending on your background and/or interests, you may want to share your views with a wider public. This type of blog isn’t limited to one form of religion or beliefs. That said, the spiritual leaders of a religious group may find blogging useful to spread their message to a wider, less traditional audience.
  5. Provide support. Most notable of this type of blogs that help others are mommy and daddy blogs. (Please bear in mind that these bloggers aren’t just limited to new parents!) You can create this type of blog for a different type of audiences such as marathon runners, skydivers or others.

Before you start your blog, take some time to assess why you’re blogging and what your personal goals are for the blog.

Why do you blog? Is your reason on this list? If not, would you please add your reason in the comments below?

Happy blogging!

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